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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Every pregnant cow must undergo a 'dry period' just before they calve, in order for their next lactation to be healthy and for their body stay in good condition. 

If you are unfamiliar with dry cow therapy please follow this LINK to visit my specific article on this topic. If you are familiar with this topic but just need a re-cap, feel free to visit my DCT summary.

I was recently taught a logistic and efficient way to dry cows off using a long-lasting antibiotic tubing. 

1) Ensure that the cow is fed and is not restless. Kicking cows will make this process extremely difficult and ineffective.
2) Grab a large piece of tissue paper or a plastic bag and set it down on the floor besides the cows and where you will stand. 
3) Collect the 4 antibiotic tubes and 4 alcohol disinfectant swabs.
4) Put the tubes onto the tissue paper and the swabs next to them. 
5) Grab one swab and one tube. Before doing anything to the cow make sure your hands are thoroughly disinfected. 
6) As you are standing at the left side of the cow, reach under to the far left teat and clean it adequately. Then throw the swab into the bag on the floor.
7) Take the top off the tube and DO NOT TOUCH THE NOZZLE. Insert the nozzle fully into the disinfected teat and slowly release the antibiotic from the tube. Once fully released, remove the tube slowly and throw into the plastic bag.
8) Repeat 6&7 for the far right teat next, and then the closest left and closest right. Being careful not to touch the nozzle or teat once it has been disinfected.
9) After doing all 4 teats, spray with disinfectant iodine spray.

TIP: now when i do this method i have one paper towel on the floor for swabs, one bag for rubbish and i hold all 4 tubes in my mouth by the plungers. It may not be the most pleasant of methods but it definitely saves time and you don't have to bend down to fiddle with things.