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Monday, 29 June 2015

My Experiences – Photosensitisation

This cow has a severe case of photosensitisation with undiagnosed cause. In sunlight a cow like this should be kept indoors due to the severe skin lesions and hence lack of protection from UV radiation from the sun.
This cow is well past the stage of needing veterinary assistance.

Ideally in severe cases like this, the cow should be kept indoors with plenty of palatable food and enough water. Applying sunblock to the cow’s skin can help to soothe the skin and allow the cow to graze outside on non-sunny days.

Multivitamin solutions can be administered to aid recovery.

If necessary, blood tests can be taken to check the liver function (which can be a popular cause) and to check the concentrations of photogenic substances in the blood. The cause may be genetic, in which case the treatment is entirely supportive.


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